How To Delete ifunny Account – Delete ifunny account

Do you want to delete ifunny Account but don’t know how to go about it? This post is in-depth procedures on how to delete ifunny Account for those of you who are already fed up with the app.

Ifunny is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular entertainment websites providing its users with funny Gif images, short funny videos and Memes.

The website also made it possible for registered users to share their created gif images with their friends and loved ones as it has a social share enabled option for its users. A user can also modify already existing shorts or memes or as well create from scratch. If you are always bored, I’d recommend you visit the Ifunny website or download their app to cheer up your dull day.

However, people still want to delete their Ifunny account despite the fact it is an entertainment hub that provides almost all premium features for free as the reason is best known to them. Still, in most cases, users tend to delete their Account due to email spam and unnecessary notifications from the app.

If you are deactivating your Ifunny account due to email spam, it is suggested you mark all incoming mails from the platform as spam, or better still, unsubscribe from their newsletter to stay off all the spam headaches. You can perform this by clicking on the unsubscribe button located in every email received from ifunny.

Now let’s quickly look at how to delete ifunny Account with the most accessible methods.


How To Delete ifunny Account Permanently 

Kindly follow these steps to have your Account deactivated in no time

  1. Login to your Account 
  2. Click on your profile which is located at the top-right menu 
  3. Click on Settings and privacy 
  4. Please scroll down and click on Deactivate your Account ( it is usually located at the bottom page)
  5. Enter your password to confirm you are not deleting your Account by mistake 
  6. To Yes to confirm and your Account will be deleted successfully 


How To Deactivate Ifunny account by sending Emails

Follow the steps below to delete ifunny Account permanently 

  1. Go to your email account. 
  2. Compose a well-written email and state the reason for deleting your Account. Attached the Username and registered email of the Account you want to delete 
  3. Send to 
  4. On the subject space, type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY IFUNNY ACCOUNT.”
  5. Click Send 
  6. Wait for a response from the support team on your account deactivation status, which usually comes hours or 24hrs after requesting a deletion. 


I believe you have known how to delete ifunny Account with the above steps given above successfully? If this solved your problem of deleting your Account, please do not hesitate to share this article with those you know are finding it difficult to delete their Account 

Have any questions or contributions regarding ifunny? Feel free to ask by using the comment section below. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day 

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