How to immigrate to Canada from the democratic republic of Congo  –  Are you interested in immigrating to Canada from the democratic republic of Congo and you don’t know where to start? If yes, then don’t worry, you are at the right place. In this article, we will be explaining how you can immigrate to Canada from the democratic republic of Congo and some of the important steps you need to take as a fresher.

Tackling immigration processing alone can be very difficult, tiring and confusing especially when you aren’t familiar with the process, immigration programs, requirements, deadlines, documents and settlement funds needed. You can, however, be very sure of two things: Canada is a beautiful and amazing country to relocate to, and when you accept to work with a certified immigration consultant, your Canadian future will be in good hands.

According to the latest data we drew out from statistics Canada, there are already over 25,000 people in Canada from the democratic republic of Congo. This population is expected to increase further because Canada is currently planning to invite over a million people to apply for permanent residence by the year 2022.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Just like we mentioned earlier, applying for a Canadian visa can be very difficult and confusing if you aren’t familiar with the required protocols. This is why we strongly recommend the use of a certified immigration agent for your immigration applications. In this section, we have covered the five steps to follow to make your visa application a successful one.


The first and most important step we highly recommend is checking your eligibility status. There shouldn’t be any reason to apply for a Canadian immigration visa when you are not eligible for it. With the help of our eligibility assessment, you will find out some important information such as:

  • If you are eligible to immigrate to Canada from the democratic republic of Congo
  • The best immigration program that best suits your needs and personality.

With this, you will be saved from any form of money or time wastage and also you will be assured of getting personalized immigration guidance.


Choosing the right destination that suit you is not required by all immigration programs. Example of an immigration program that does not need this is the express entry program. We recommend this because, it makes it easier to focus attention to the best options for you and how to go about the processing. This will also help you carry out proper research on the best province to secure a job faster.


Now that you are done with the eligibility assessment, this is the time to choose the best immigration program that suit your requirement. This is also an important process because selecting the wrong program can easily result to disappointment. Most immigrants that prefer to apply for Canada visa on their own, most times, end up delaying the application process because of a simple but costly mistake. Most of this can be easily avoided when you work with a professional immigration consultant.


You will be required to provide some information to complete the visa application process. This is why we highly recommend you get all your documents ready to avoid delay in the application process. Please note that the Canadian government has a very strict requirement and deadline for submission of documents and you do not want to be disqualified because of late submission.


Ones you are done with step number 1-4, then you should kickstart the process of applying for your Canada visa. Please note that it’s very important you complete each of the section accurately as any little mistake can result to delay in the immigration process.

4 Reasons to Immigrate To Canada From The Democratic Republic Of Congo


If you are looking for a country with the best and free health care system, then Canada should be the first on your list. You just have to consider immigrating to Canada to get firsthand experience. Canada has one of the best health care system present in any country in the world. The hospitals are furnished and equipped with top class medical equipment’s, facilities and dedicated staffs needed to keep Canadians in the right state.


Canada is the home of job opportunities. If you are a skilled or unskilled worker, then you should consider moving to Canada because there are lots of job opportunities waiting for you in Canada. One of the reasons why there are lots of job opportunities in Canada is because of the ever-demanding economy. The Canadian economy is currently in need of more labor force to match it demands, and most Canadians are already in their retirement stage. However, these vacant positions are expected to be filled up by foreign immigrants like you.


Crosschecking the list of top schools in the world, you will find more than enough Canadian institutions on the list. Schools in Canada are top quality and can easily compete with any school in the world. This is not a mistake. This is just the byproduct of a working system. The Canadian government have done enough work to keep the educational system in the position it is today. Schools in Canada are furnished with the best materials, equipped with the right equipment, facilities and staffs needed to help students reach their academic goals. This is why a lot of foreign students are interested in studying in Canada. Additionally, studying in Canada exposes you to the best job opportunities from any part of the world. Certificates from any designated learning institution in Canada is recognized both inside and outside Canada.


Canada is the only country in the world willing to offer you and your family a top educational system, free quality health care, numerous job opportunities and a safe community. The Canadian community is multicultural. This simply means that there are different kinds of people with different culture present in the community. Lastly, Canadians are peace loving people. You don’t want to miss out from this. A recent poll carried out in Canada, proofed that over 90% of Canadians are willing to accepts a new immigrant into their community.

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