Immigrate to Canada from Uganda for a Brighter Future – Well, Ugandans do not really rush when it comes to immigrating to Canada unlike Nigerians and Ghanaians. When you look at the list of most migrated countries for Ugandans, you won’t see Canada in the top five lists. It’s not like they don’t like immigrating to Canada or they don’t like the country; it is just lack of information.

If you are a Ugandan reading this article, you should start thinking of Canada as a top choice when it comes to countries you want to immigrate to. Currently, Canada is looking to invite and welcome over 1.23 million immigrants into the country within the next three years and you wouldn’t want to miss this great opportunity to immigrate to Canada from Uganda for a better future.

Canada offers you a lot of opportunities and people from many African countries as making Canada their new home as the country is also welcoming and accommodating. Immigrating to Canada allows you to enjoy the great standard of living in the country, sound educational system, high minimum wage and many more.

If you are a skilled or unskilled person from Uganda and you are willing to contribute to the growth and development of the Canada, then you are one ticket away from immigrating to Canada from Uganda. An assurance we will give you is that immigrating to Canada from Uganda offers you a brighter future if you are ready to use your skill and work experience in the country.

There are about 100 immigration programs you can go through if you want to immigrate to Canada from Uganda but in this article, we will be revealing the best immigration programs for you if you want to immigrate to Canada from Uganda. Going through the right immigration program will help your application and immigration process to go smooth and easy.

Before we proceed, let’s look at some reasons you should consider immigrating to Canada from Uganda.

Why You Should Immigrate To Canada From Uganda?

There are number of reasons you should put Canada at the top of your list of countries to immigrate to from Uganda this year. Let’s look at some of them…

  • Better Job opportunities

In most African countries, there is high unemployment rate and           Uganda is no exception and this has made a lot of people from Uganda leave the country for greener pastures elsewhere.

If you are looking for a country that will offer you better job opportunities with better work condition and low cost of living, then you should consider Canada as the country offers you amazing benefits. Canada is looking to continue boosting it economy and fill up labour shortages in healthcare, agriculture, oil and gas and many more. If you are skilled and experienced in any of the occupations in-demand in the country, you could be on your way to Canada.

  • Sound Educational System

It is true that Canada has some of the best tertiary institutions in the world and they boast of a sound educational system and the government also offers free education up to a certain level.

Graduating from one of the best universities or colleges in Canada means you can compete with graduates from other best universities in the world. You can actually immigrate to Canada from Uganda to further your education.

  • It has better standard of living

Looking for a country with a better standard of living, well don’t look to far as Canada is one of the countries of the world with a good if not better standard of living and this is why a lot of people from other countries of the world are working to come to Canada. You will sure want a better life and so you should consider immigrating to Canada to enjoy a better standard of living with low cost of living.

  • Better Healthcare System

You will certainly enjoy one of the best healthcare services in the world in Canada. The country has a lot of qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and also has health facilities and one sweet thing about this is that it is free if you are a citizen of Canada or a permanent residence. These services are being paid by the government of Canada through the taxes citizens and permanent residents pay.

  • Affordability

Many provinces and cities in Canada offer you a comfortable and affordable cost of living even if you earn less.

  • Enticing minimum wages

The Great White North is one of the countries that offer quite an enticing minimum wage compared to some other country’s minimum wage. Though sometimes, the minimum wage varies from one province to another, they still offer good minimum wages to their workers especially if your occupation is in-demand.

  • Safety and security

Canada is one of the most secured and safest countries in the world and this is one reason people are picking Canada as their number one choice in countries to migrate to. In Canada, you don’t have to live in fear as the crime rate in the country is at its minimal. The people of Canada are lovely people that welcome immigrants from different countries, race, culture and religion.

How To Immigrate To Canada From Uganda

There are over 100 immigration programs in Canada through which you can immigrate to Canada but the programs have criteria that makes you eligible. You will have to meet the requirements of any immigration program you want to go through.

Let’s look at the best immigration program for you to immigrate to Canada from Uganda.

Provincial Nominee Program

This program is for provinces in Canada to nominate immigrants to the province. It is initiated by the Canadian government through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to cooperate with the provincial governments in cooperation to help the provinces invite foreign skilled workers to come fill up labour shortages in the province.

Each province sets its own requirements according to its economic needs and labour shortages. Foreign workers with the right skills will be nominated to get permanent residence. The Canadian provinces or territories are working towards boosting their economies and so if you prove to be competent and skilled enough to contribute to the development of the province, you are sure to get a nomination.

There are 11 provincial nomination program carried out by 11 provinces in Canada with streams under them.  We will be looking at these provincial immigration programs below.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provinces Provincial immigration streams
Alberta Alberta Opportunity StreamAlberta Express Entry StreamAlberta Self-employed Farmers Stream
British Columbia Skills ImmigrationExpress Entry British ColumbiaEntrepreneur Immigration
Manitoba Skilled WorkerSkilled Worker OverseasBusiness Investor Stream (formerly MPNP-B)Modern Community Driven Immigration InitiativeInternational Eductaion Stream
New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market StreamSkilled Workers with Employer SupportPost-Graduate Entrepreneurial StreamEntrepreneurial StreamAtlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Newfoundland &Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry Skilled WorkerSkilled Worker CategoryInternational Graduate CategoryInternational Entrepreneur CategoryInternational Graduate Entrepreneur CategoryAtlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Nova Scotia Nova scotia Demand: Express EntryNova Scotia Experience: Express EntryNova Scotia Labour Market PrioritiesSkilled Worker StreamEntrepreneur StreamPhysician StreamAtlantic Immigration Pilot
Northwest territories Employer Driver ProgramBusiness Immigration Program
Ontario Human Capital CategoryEmployer Job Offer CategoryBusiness Category
Prince Edward Island PEI PNP Express EntryLabour Impact CategoryBusiness Impact CategoryAtlantic Immigration Pilot Program
Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker CategorySaskatchewan Experience CategoryEntrepreneur and Farm Category
Yukon Yukon Express Entry (YEE)Skilled WorkerCritical Impact WorkerBusiness Nominee

If you are considering going through the Provincial Nominee Program, you will have to pick any province you will love to live and work in and look at the programs under their provincial program that you are eligible for. A provincial nomination gives you an edge and you will be a step closer to being successful in immigrating to Canada from Uganda.

The Express Entry System

The Express Entry System was initiated in 2015 in a bid to speed up the Canadian immigration process and make it easy for immigrants to apply for residence and work in Canada. It is seen to be one of the most popular immigration programs in Canada and it is an online program through which immigrants can get permanent residence in Canada. In the program, you will have to create an online profile and fill in some information according to the requirements of the program. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to immigrate to Canada.

You don’t really a job offer to be eligible to apply for permanent residence through this program although a valid job offer will increase your chances of getting your application approved. There are some requirements you will have to meet in creating and completing your online profile and they are education, work experience, age, proof of sufficient funds and language proficiency.

You will have to complete your profile within 60days and then, you will be placed in a draw with other candidates and eligible visa applicants will be given a score according to factors or requirements. If you are eligible, you will be ranked according to a ranking system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The Comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) is a ranking system where applicants for the Canadian visa will be given a CRS score to match against a CRS cut-off score and the applicants that meet or exceed the cut-off score will be selected.

One advantage of the Express Entry System is that even if you are not successful the first time you participated in the draw, there is always another chance for you. The Express Entry draws are done bi-weekly that is every two weeks and you have a chance to participate in another draw if you were not successful in the first draw. You can also improve your chances of being chosen in the next draw, you will have to improve you CRS score. You can improve your CRS score by securing a job offer in Canada or have a family member in Canada.

The Express Entry System is managed under three Federal Immigration program and they are:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

You can actually immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry System through either of the federal immigration streams listed above.

If you are a skilled or professional worker (doctor, engineer, teacher, nurse etc.) you can go through the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

If you are a trade worker (electrician, plumber, welder, carpenter etc.) you can go through the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

If you have Canadian work experience meaning you have worked in Canada for at least a year, you can go through the Canadian Experience Class.

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